Pablo Rueda Lara was born in Castillo de Lucobin in Andalusia ( Spain ) on 30th july, 1945.
In 1969 Pablo came to Rotterdam. He followed his art education at the Academy of Arts, where he studied drawing and painting. During his education he developed a growing interest for ceramics. In 1976 he graduated in Monumental Design.
His technique and diversity were boundless. Even with simple means he could create a sense of fabric. He made materials from clay such as textile, paper, wood, tin, enamel, bronze and marble. Pablo was a master in creating objects, that you have to touch to realize that they were made from baked clay. In the last few years his work contained more symbolical meaning, which was enforced by his emotional backgrounds. The themes of his later work were also influenced by religion and politics as well as memories from his childhood in Spain.
In 1980 he settled in Rotterdam, in the Spanjaardstraat, where he extended his work. Pablo gained international recognition by exhibiting among others in the U.S.A., Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.
Pablo died on 23rd september 1993.